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RavPower Pioneer 3-Port Power Bank - 10,000 mAh - Black


Shipping that lasts and lasts! RAVPower Pioneer 3-port portable battery with a very large capacity of 10,000 thousand mAh and a charging power of 20 watts, capable of charging your phone, tablet, or even laptop many times. The LED indicator on the battery displays you the power level and charging status intelligently. You can use it to charge many things. Of devices when you are abroad or when traveling.




What distinguishes the product?

Charging power that lasts for days, due to the huge capacity of the power bank, which reaches 20 thousand mAh per hour. This makes you able to charge your phone or tablet more than once from the same power bank.
A power bank that charges everyone: Charge whatever you want, your phone, tablet, laptop, anything with ease.
You can use the same cable to charge the power bank and your phone. Don't buy too many cables.
The power bank comes with an input port to charge the power bank, an input and output port to charge the power bank or your phone from, and 2 smart ports to also charge two devices at the same time.
This power bank from RavPower is equipped with the latest fast charging technologies. It charges your devices in approximately 4.5 hours, while power banks from other brands charge in up to 12 hours.
This means that when you charge the latest iPhone for 30 minutes, the charging rate reaches 50%.
Protects your devices due to the comprehensive iSmart technology from RavPower.

Operational characteristics:
Battery capacity: 10,000 mAh, with a charging power of 74 watts per hour.
PD Fast Charging Port Input: 9V/2A, 5V/3A Max 18W.
PD fast charging port outputs: 12V/1.5A, 9V/2.2A, 5V/3A max 20W.
QC fast charging port outputs: 12V/1.5A, 9V/2A, 5V/3A maximum 18W per port.
Input port power input: 9V/2A, 5V/2A max 18W.
Total power output: 5V/3A.
The power bank comes in black.

Compatible with:
Compatible with Apple, Android and almost any USB powered device including laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

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